Wakeman Hall Substance Use Services


Wakeman Hall Clinic Services follow an evidenced based model that includes screening, therapy and aftercare.

    • SSTRY (Substance Screening, Treatment and Recovery for Youth)

    • Private 1:1 Sessions
    • Family Therapy
    • We can help you connect to the services you need

SMART Recovery meetings are offered for both teenagers and for family and friends. Contact Leanne Des Rosiers 203-248-2116, ext 231  or email

Not sure you want to make the step of coming here?  Our Recovery Support Specialists will come to you!  Click here for information about prior Recovery Teams


Teens and young adults ages 12-24 year of age


People call us all the time, just to talk and learn about their options.  You can call us too.

Lenka Villanueva 203-248-2116, ext 277 or email
Leanne Des Rosiers 203-248-2116, ext 231  or email


“I’ve made friends at Wakeman, friends who don’t use and I haven’t used in 97 days!  I am more confident and so I don’t use anymore to try and fit in.  Wakeman helped me feel better about myself and improved my relationship with my family.  They also came to my school for a meeting and told people what I needed so I could succeed.  6 months ago I felt so alone and now I am really happy because of Wakeman and my new friends.”