Residential Treatment


An average length of stay is 4-6 months and includes:

      • Individual, family and group therapies
      • In-home family sessions and supervised visits as needed
      • A trauma informed approach
      • Substance use treatment when needed
      • Psychiatric evaluations and medication management
      • Therapeutic recreation
      • Young adult program that focuses on life and job readiness skills
      • Community based activities
      • 24 hours nursing clinic
      • Educational services onsite at Whitney Hall School
      • Aftercare support to bridge treatment with next providers


The Residential Treatment Program services boys ages 13-20 years who require an out-of-home setting coupled with services offered by a multidisciplinary treatment team.

Please note that:

      • youth and family must be willing to participate in the program
      • prior treatment records must be submitted for review to help us determine if treatment at The Children’s Center will be of benefit
      • a written recommendation from current treatment provider that recommends and explains the rationale for residential treatment is required.


To talk more about the program or to begin the referral process, contact Tricia Tardiff, LCSW 203-248-2116 ext 354 or email.


When Josh was 17 he came to The Children’s Center after living with several foster families and group homes since he was 6 years old.  For 11 years he struggled with impulsiveness and an inability to keep himself safe.  In time, the staff at The Children’s Center earned Josh’s trust and everyone worked together to help Josh express his thoughts and feelings.  In cooperation with the DCF (Department of Children and Families), Josh was reunited with his mother and is now living with her for the 1st time since he was 6 years old.