Afterschool/Extended Day Treatment


Extended Day Treatment, (EDT) meets afterschool until 6:15pm and changes to a 9-1:00 schedule for the summer.  Youth, ages 5-18, are divided by age and participate in groups that focus on skill building, therapeutic enrichment and various therapy topics.  Individual and family therapy, medication management, psychiatric evaluations, outreach to homes and schools are all included. Snacks and meals are included during program hours.


Because EDT is a treatment program, this program is not for youth who need child care, summer camp, etc.

We are happy to help you determine if your child needs EDT.

      • Most of the youth who attend EDT are struggling in multiple areas of their lives- such as with family, in their community and/or school. Their struggles may look like aggression, trouble sleeping, outbursts, frustration, sadness, etc.
      • All of the youth have a behavioral health diagnosis


Katelyn Morency at 203-248-2116 ext. 241 or email can provide you with a referral form and answer any questions for you.


“Before EDT, Jesus was angry all the time.  He was always fighting at school and I missed a lot of work to meet with the principal.  The staff at EDT helped him make friends and talk about what was bothering him.  Jesus is much happier now.”

Extended Day Treatment Referral Form

Extended Day Treatment Referral Form Instructions