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Monetary contributions will be designated as you desire:

Be a STAR! Our STARS are donors who tell us to use their donation to fund our summer or winter holiday festivities. Summer STARS support recreational and vocational activities that fill the school vacation months with lots of fun. Donations from our winter STARS purchase holiday gifts and fund special holiday celebrations and activities for the children to enjoy. Suggested donation- $100.

In Tribute or Memoriam donations can recognize professional or educational accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries, successful ventures, personal achievements, and much more. You can also make a donation in memory of a loved one who has passed away. Please consider sharing a bit about the person you are honoring so that we can celebrate their importance to you.

Create a Legacy Due to several bequest and contributions The Children’s Center of Hamden has an independent, professionally-managed endowment so we are confident that your legacy gift will be everlasting.

• Legacy gifts have come through estates, charitable remainder trusts or contributions of $10,000 or more.

• Bequeath a charitable gift from your mutual fund, stocks, bonds, CDs, or real estate holdings.
• Name The Children’s Center as a full or partial beneficiary of your pension plan or IRA.
• Name The Children’s Center as the owner or beneficiary of:

• An existing life insurance policy
• A new life insurance policy
• Employer-provided group term life insurance

• Charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities allow you to retain a lifetime stream of income. Consult your financial or legal advisor on these and all other legacy gift options.

• Please consider letting us know that you have included us in your planning so we can talk with you about your interests. Some ideas include:

• Endow a schoolroom or play area at The Children’s Center (which can be named after you or your designee).
• Underwrite the ongoing operating costs of a computer lab, gym, dining common or other Children’s Center program space.

Unrestricted Contributions that have not been designated for a specific purpose will ensure that our therapy sessions, educational programs, recreational activities, and other key functions will continue without compromise or delay.

Corporate Sponsorship The fact that we have a 185-year heritage and extremely bright future makes us very proud. Yet with every passing year comes the need to repair, enhance, or expand our campus facilities. By underwriting an improvement, repair, or addition, your corporation can help us keep our property safe and welcoming. From the buildings to the rooms, furnishings to the windows, the roofs to the walkways, and the playing fields to the parking lots… our maintenance and enhancement needs are persistent and can be costly. By becoming a Children’s Center Corporate Sponsor you’ll be giving Connecticut’s children and teens a future to depend on.