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Health Equity Plan

GOAL: The Children’s Center of Hamden, via compliance with the CLAS standards (Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Services), will provide equitable behavioral health treatment, education and care.

OBJECTIVE A.  Agency data will show that access to treatment is equitable for all, regardless of culture, race, gender, sexual orientation and language spoken

OBJECTIVE B.  Agency data will show that services are delivered equitably, regardless of one’s culture, race, gender, sexual orientation and language spoken

OBJECTIVE C.  Agency data will show that outcomes of those served are equitable regardless of one’s culture, race, gender, sexual orientation and language spoken


    • Treat clients and their families respectfully regardless of their race, ethnicity, culture or language by providing equitable services.
      • The bylaws of the Cultural Diversity Committee support the creation and sustainability of an agency-wide health equity plan
    •  Expect management and leadership to promote services that are equitable for all through policy, practice and resources.
      • Inclusion policy
      • Mission Statement
      • Each year the Cultural Diversity Committee will recommend any revisions to policy, practice and resources based on an annual assessment review. Information learned from adult care takers and youth will inform recommendations
    • Recruit and support Board members, leadership and staff who are culturally and linguistically diverse, dedicated and respectful of the clients and families we serve.
      • The Human Resources Department will diversify where we advertise for new employees-
      • Review information learned from candidates for hire about how they learned of our employment opportunities and check to learn if we are using resources that attract a diverse workforce
      • The Board of Directors is committed to being a diverse group of individuals.  The Board values various perspectives due to life experiences.
    • Provide ongoing training to our Board members, leadership and employees about our policies and procedures that promote health equity and respectful treatment of others.
      • Ensure that job descriptions promote progress towards the CLAS standards
      • Orient new employees and Board members to the Center’s commitment towards equity
      • Recommend training that helps employees recognize their biases and address bias when observed
    • Recommend training for supervisory staff that teaches them how to welcome conversations and concerns about bias
    • The Children’s Center of Hamden has a Language Access Policy that addresses CLAS Standards #5-8
    • Offer language assistance and other communication needs, at no cost to clients and families, so they are well informed and involved in treatment planning
    • Inform all individuals of the availability of language assistance services clearly and in their preferred language, verbally and in writing
    • Provide language assistance by people who are trained and competent.
    • Provide clients and families with written information that is translated into the language they speak
    • Hold leadership accountable for creating goals and policies that promote a culturally and linguistically competent environment for clients, families and employees.
    • Consistently evaluate the agency’s efforts towards providing equitable services and outcomes for all who are served
      • The Cultural Diversity Committee meets monthly to monitor progress towards our Health Equity Plan.
      • Focus groups with youth are done annually to learn about their experiences at the agency with regards to health equity
      • Focus group with adult care takers are done annually to learn about their experiences at the agency with regards to health equity
      • Youth and adult care taker are surveyed annually about their experiences at our agency with regards to health equity
      • The Director of Food Services will meet annually with adult care takers to review the dinner menu to gain ideas for how to diversify meals that are offered to youth
      • The Cultural Diversity Committee will review all information learned from focus groups, surveys and Director reports to complete an annual assessment.
      This assessment will be used make recommendations to agency leadership with regards to policy, practice and resources.
    • Collect data about those we serve and their outcomes to help us evaluate if we are providing equitable services for all.
      • At the completion of each fiscal year the agency program directors will report data about access, service delivery and outcomes and will identify any disparities
    • Remain aware of the resources and gaps in the community so that our services are responsive to the diverse needs of clients and families
    • The Children’s Center is a member of the DCF Region 2 Advisory Council and Co-Chairs the DCF Statewide Advisory Council
    • Work with others in the community to help create a service system that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for all.
    • The Children’s Center chairs the DCF Region 2 CLAS Standards- Health Equity Learning Collaborative
    • The Children’s Center is a member of the Statewide and Region 2 DCF Racial Justice Workgroups
    • Create conflict and grievance resolution processes that are culturally and linguistically appropriate to identify, prevent and resolve conflicts or complaints
    • Inform employees, those we serve and the general public about our progress towards implementing and sustaining the CLAS standards.