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10+ Years of Employment

Longevity Celebration, May 2023

Every year we celebrate those who have served The Children’s Center with 10 or more years of employment. By giving so much of their time, these individuals have created a predictable environment for so many children and their families. Please join us in recognizing these dedicated individuals who carry on the legacy of giving on which our agency was founded:

40 or more years of service                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Bob Fortune
Karen St. Arnauld

35 or more years of service
Todd Johnson

30 or more years of service
Tim Guest, Mink Fernandez, Sarah Lockery, Pam Randolph

25 or more years of service
Dianne Fernicola, Maurice Williamson, John Gehm, Harold Barrow, Bill Everett, Rick Kennedy

20 or more years of service
Keith Massimino, Jeff Green, Sean Wiggins, Tiffany Green, D’Hati Burgess, Kathy Knapp, Lydia Nunez, Andrew Thompson, Eric Mason, Dorothy Neseer-ullah, Gary Collins

15 or more years of service
Brian Gray, Bobby Bennett, Frank Green, Sophia Cassanova-Whitely, Andre Hundley, Emily Perez, Renee Hausman, Esther Gibson, June Prince, Laurie Moskal, Karen Reid, Lorraine Minor, Diana Vasaturo, Lavette Corey, Jacob Harris, Victor Rosario

10 or more years of service
Stephanie Stephens, Jennifer Kazdan, Samuel Cooper, Helen Burgess, Catherine Maynard, Tyrese Sullivan, Deirdra Colavolpe, Austin Smith, Ryan Andreozzi, Dewar Wilson, Matthew Marks, David Huckaby, Robert Newton, Letitia Angelo, Courtney Wright, Denera Nelson, Tracie Vigliotti Rosario, Taneisha Bellamy, Darrell Nixon