Therapeutic Group Home (Gate House)

Program for adolescent boys with histories of sexualized behaviors often due to having been abused.

Joe’s Story

When he was eight years old Joe was unable to count on a safe and stable home environment. But at that young age neither was he able to adequately assess his situation nor do much about it on his own.

Several short-lived placements in foster homes and a stay at a psychiatric hospital were some of the stops on that bumpy early road, and while it removed him from the house it didn’t provide much else in terms of genuine help or hope.

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Finally, though, the Gate House Group Home at The Children’s Center of Hamden provided a decidedly different kind of opportunity for Joe, one that used effective therapeutic programs to enhance his social skills and promote his continuous interaction with staff members and youngsters his own age. At first Joe had a difficult time adapting to a home-like environment where he was expected to function more independently than he had been used to. But that’s one of the areas in which the Gate House excels.

In addition to meeting Joe’s specific short-term needs, the Gate House helped in countless other ways, thanks to its commitment to prepare youth for reintegration into the community and function as well-adjusted, functioning members of society. It’s a commitment well served, for with the participation and supervision of the Department of Children & Families and the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, Joe was discharged into the care of his mother.

As further proof of his continuing success, Joe called The Children’s Center not long ago to inform the staff that after half a year in his ‘new’ home with his mother, things were going well, and he had successfully enrolled in a community college.

The lessons learned to get to this point were hard. But together Joe and The Children’s Center taught each other the value of optimism and persistence.

What Our Therapeutic Group Home Program Provides

The Gate House, our therapeutic group home, provides a homelike setting to adolescent boys with histories of sexualized behaviors primarily due to having been abused. The youth in this program often transitioned from programs that successfully addressed their problematic behaviors. The Gate House provides clinical services including individual, group and family therapy, case management, in a trauma informed environment. The treatment is aimed towards integrating youth into the community. Each youth spends significant time in the community: at school, work and/or recreational activities, putting to use the life skills that they have worked on. Families can visit youth in the home and participate in periodic family activities.

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What Our Clients Say

The staff here showed me that they care.

I was at The Children’s Center group home that was directed by Juanita. Because of her, I have achieved success in the music business and life as a whole. I graduated with an associate’s degree in information technology and now own my own home. The Children’s Center will remain in my heart and mind forever.