Extended Day Treatment Program

Intensive outpatient therapy & behavioral health treatment program. Youth may attend up to 5 days a week.

Peter’s Story

Sometimes the sheer number of issues with which a youngster must deal makes progress feel unattainable. Thanks to the Extended Day Treatment (EDT) at The Children’s Center of Hamden, Peter and his treatment team proved otherwise. What began for the 16-year-old as a seemingly endless series of conflicts and defiant behaviors eventually transformed into positive relationships, active participation and even leadership qualities.

Prior to coming to The Children’s Center, Peter lived in a household that was both full and fractious.

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In his past were the disturbing memories of shameful actions by others as well as by himself, and in his future were nothing more than sleepless nights, continued overeating and low self-esteem.

Fortunately, he was referred to EDT and arrangements were completed for his participation in a half-year program. It was during these six intensive months of individual, family and group therapy that Peter was able to make great strides. Where once he had shunned groups of any kind, he soon began participating eagerly in many projects; his former disdain of most sports and games turned into a full schedule of outdoor activities; the constant yelling and fighting at home was replaced by talking and sharing stories with his mother, stepfather and two siblings.

In short, whereas he once had a distressing number of issues, with EDT guidance Peter now has an impressive number of coping skills which include arts and crafts, music, poetry, letter writing and much more.

Among the measures of success are his newly-developed proficiency in making good decisions, weighing the pros and cons of all actions, and accepting responsibility. One of those good decisions was to become a leader in his EDT group, where he offered advice and guidance to peers who had the kind of issues with which he was all too familiar. After all, Peter knows better than anyone what is truly attainable with a good program, great people behind it, and the motivation to make things work.

What Our Extended Day Treatment Program Provides

The Extended Day Treatment Program (EDT) services boys and girls who live at home or with a surrogate family and who require an intensive behavioral treatment setting. Treatment planning considers gender, developmental functioning, trauma histories and diagnosis. Youth participate in one of 8 distinct treatment groups according to age and diagnosis. Each group has its own schedule of treatment activities. All staff are formally trained in Risking Connections and some are certified as Project Joy facilitators. Treatment includes behavior management, individual, family and group therapies as well as medication management when needed.

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What Our Clients Say

I’ve been here for seven months. I am doing good now and that is why I am leaving.