Crisis Stabilization Program (C.A.R.E.)

Brief out-of-home placement and treatment to stabilize the youngster and the family unit.

William’s Story

As 16-year-old William would soon discover, while the causes of anger and frustration are often as clear as day, that very same anger and frustration often makes it impossible to see. Sometimes only skilled and caring professionals can help shed the light needed to help identify the causes.

After a serious domestic incident—one that for William required the involvement of local law enforcement—his mother insisted that he let himself be admitted to the Crisis Stabilization Program (C.A.R.E., Child or Adolescent Respite and Evaluation) at The Children’s Center of Hamden.

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But William’s perception of CARE, an on-site residential crisis stabilization program, did not sit well with him, and he walked out of the initial meeting in anger, refusing to return for quite some time.

Apparently, though, there was a spark of hope within William’s anguished heart and mind, and he returned to The Children’s Center on his own accord to speak with the CARE staff about his problems. With their help, he was able to put a name and a face to what was causing all the anger and frustration, and it all came down to two primary issues: a sense of being viewed as untrustworthy and his lack of contact with other key members of his family. Once those matters were identified and faced head on, William, his mother, and the CARE staff made significant progress in handling and managing the anger and frustration so that he could eventually return home.

But that first spark of hope also illuminated for William the idea that CARE could do even more good if he gave it more time. So he decided to stay a little longer than he had initially planned. A few short weeks after that, he was ready to be discharged. And now the value of his home life, with his mother by his side, is also crystal clear. And it’s been that way day after day.

What Our Crisis Stabilization Program Provides

CARE, our Crisis Stabilization program, provides brief out-of-home services for male and female youngsters whose psychiatric and/or high-risk behaviors have created significant crisis within the family such that the child may not be able remain with the family. Respite care is also provided to prevent such a crisis. Precipitating events creating the crisis may include serious family conflict, returns from runaways, domestic violence, sexual abuse, negligence and/or defiant and aggressive behavior. As the C.A.R.E.’s 8-bed living unit attempts to service youth for a maximum of 15 days, the adult caretakers must commit to being active participants in the development and implementation of their child’s individualized service plan.

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you to the Children’s Center of Hamden and its staff for providing respite care to my daughter. She has benefited greatly and I’ve been comforted to know she has been so well cared for. I thank you for helping us through this crisis.