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The Children’s Center of
Hamden — Where Kids Get Help

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For children who struggle with serious emotional, behavioral, psychological and social issues, The Children’s Center of Hamden is one of the brightest lights in Southern New England.

We are a private, nonprofit child care agency in Hamden, Connecticut that engages more than 150 highly skilled childcare workers, therapists and teachers to provide quality treatment, care and education in an encouraging and responsible setting.

We offer:

  • Residential/Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs
  • Onsite School K-12

Each day The Children’s Center of Hamden services an average of 170 children and their families.   Although most of those we serve are from the Greater New Haven area, The Children’s Center serves youth from all parts of Connecticut.

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About the
Children’s Center
of Hamden

Let those who come here and work here tell our story …

We Give Hope to
Connecticut Children

Our mission— for more than 180 years now—is to give hope to children who struggle with …

  • Psychological or social problems
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Learning disabilities
  • Substance abuse
  • Family trauma

We provide family-centered, quality treatment and education in an environment that is safe, nurturing and least restrictive.   The Children’s Center has been awarded the industry’s gold seal of approval for the quality of our behavioral health care services: The Joint Commission Accreditation.

Our multidisciplinary teams are specially trained to promote healthier decision-making so that troubled youth can become contributing members of their families and community.  We are here to help you.  Contact The Children’s Center of Hamden to find out more.

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Accredited by The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care